Personal Touch

Are you interested in Personal Training? 
Then you’ve come to the right place. 
Pricing is flexible, discounts for purchases multiple sessions. 

A unique approach to personal training in either individually or in a small group setting with your instructor. Personal Touch is designed to increase your muscle tone and enhance your workouts by focusing on varying muscle groups and techniques designed to help you achieve maximum results. 

This program allows the instructor to provide more personal instruction, helping you understand and execute the proper movement and alignment while working with weights, tubes and exercise balls, and providing the motivation and advice to keep you focused. Personal Touch students find that the techniques they learn in Personal Touch help them to work out more efficiently in every day Jazzercise classes. 

While many Personal Touch students have lost pounds and inches while toning their muscles, this program is not just about losing weight or getting in shape. It is about helping everyone at every fitness level get the most out of your workouts and providing you with the tools you need to achieve your personal fitness goals and maintaining a healthy self-image. 

Email me at or call me at 203-845-8856 to learn more. I look forward to speaking with you regarding the benefits of Personal Touch! 

Here’s what some of our clients are saying…. 

“I liked the focus and concentration on certain muscle groups, the intereaction of the small group, and the coaching on correct use of the weights and tubes.” 

“I do feel stronger!” 

“I really enjoyed the sessions and look forward to more personal training with you. Your experience and knowledge are proven by my aching (yet stronger) muscles. The classes started and ended right on time, and were packed with useful techniques. Your experience, intuition and personality make you an outstanding trainer. I�ve learned things that I will benefit from for the rest of my life. Thanks for doing such a great job.” 


“Thank you for this effort! This is so great! I loved the class and am certainly feeling it today. 

Again, I so appreciate your professionalism and always empowering attitude.: 


“Thanks Kristen. My thighs are killing me. But it’s a good hurt!” 

“Although I’ve exercised for many years (7 years with Jazzercise), the personal training classes have given me that extra boost to incorporate strength training which is so important. Regular jazzercise classes include some strength training but adding the 45 minutes has really helped me become aware of my core muscles and I definitely feel stronger. 

It’s also been beneficial to have a very small class where the instructor can check my position to see if exercise is being properly done. Just changing something slightly makes all the difference as I’m still learning. It’s much easier to do the regular jazzercise class using many of these same moves and knowing you’re doing them properly. I also feel more competent in doing them at home. ” 

“Feel all charged up and energized – great way to start the morning!” 

“Feel like a new person – like you shed 5 lbs!” 

“Good stretch for my back and arms especially. Very relaxing.” 

“I feel so much better after the stretching! I really think the result carries through the week, and I feel I am much less like to injure myself.” 

“Great music – very relaxing and motivating, especially enjoy the stretching.” 

“I really feel like I had a great workout!” 

“Just when you think you’ve got the moves down, Kristen shows you the ‘right’ way to get the most out of it! It’s like a personal one-on-one class with the fun of friends!”