Welcome to Jazzercise! I am happy to introduce you to our wonderful program. At Jazzercise, each of our instructors bring something very special to their classes. 

Each Jazzercise Instructor is professionally trained and certified by Jazzercise, Inc. which is accredited by AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America). 

Jazzercise Instructors are positive motivators, providing easy-to-follow cues and safety reminders. They participate in an intensive screening process and training program, and are CPR certified. Jazzercise Instructors also continue their education through programs that keep them abreast of the latest developments in fitness.

Kristen Hallett Rzasa Owner/Instructor

Kristen has been teaching Jazzercise for 19 years. She is also an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, an ACE Personal Trainer and has a Level I YogaFit certification. More recently she has begun coaching clients in nutrition and lifestyle changes using the Transitions Lifestyles System.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Industrial Relations. 

After 15 years in the Corporate arena, she decided to make Jazzercise her full time career. 

She is a three time Pacesetter Elite making her one of the top earning franchise owners in the country. 
She lives in Norwalk with her husband Rich and has a 15 year old step-daughter, Megan. 

Go to Kristen’s blog for more information. 

Pam Jacob Associate Instructor

Pam took her first Jazzercise class in 1989 and was immediately hooked.
After being a student for 12 years, she decided to become a certified Jazzercise instructor in 2001.

Pina Abbazia Instructor

Pina joined Jazzercise in the spring of 2001 with her mom and daughter. She found the classes to be so much fun. The routines were always changing and new and Jazzercise became the first exercise program she ever committed to and still enjoys! In the fall of 2002 she became an instructor.

Pina also works as a tax preparer for a CPA firm in Norwalk, CT and lives in Stamford with her husband Frank and two children, Danielle and Timmy. 

Beth Wilson Jordan Instructor

Beth teaches regular and lite Jazzercise classes. She is the Director of Religious Education at a local church, and volunteers with the Connecticut Maritime Association. Beth has experience teaching pre-school age children through graduate students and all ages in between. A former college athlete and corporate ladder climber, Beth took a sabbatical from the corporate world to spend more time running after her children and running them to their sports activities. To keep up with the energy level of children and provide some needed adult interaction, in 2003, Beth tried Jazzercise and fell in love with the workouts and the music. She became a certified Jazzercise instructor in 2004. After Jazzercise, reading is her favorite way to spend part of any day! She is always willing to talk about books, movies or music over a cup of tea! She resides in Stamford with her husband, Larry and their three daughters Alexandra, Mackenzie and Stephanie. 

Tressa Torre Instructor

After reading an article about Jazzercise in the summer of 2004, Tressa was so excited to give it a try! In fact, she was jealous that her mom would be able to attend a class a day before her. The first routine wasn’t even over before Tressa knew she was hooked. After years of cheerleading and being a member of the UConn Dance Team, Jazzercise had become an important part of Tressa’s life. A year after her first class, Tressa became a certified Jazzercise instructor! She loves every second of the dancing and smiling in each class! When she is not Jazzercising, Tressa is a 4th grade teacher in Greenwich. Jazzercise allows her to combine her two passions in life: teaching and dancing!

“To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance.” -Aubrey Lynch

Eleanor Casale

Eleanor has been a dedicated student who took the plunge to be an instructor. Her creative style is unique…she promises her workouts will bring many laughs to your day. Eleanor has a full time job in nyc garment center. She is a single parent to her daughter amanda…whom lights up her life…but she still finds time to motivate others.

Life is so short…and so am I..haha…anyway…I believe in making each day matter…my grandfather used to say I was the best medicine…enjoy!!!! laugh!!!!and have fun! Thanks for letting me be part of such a special group of people!!!!!!see you in class…eleanor:)

Peggy Devlin

Six years ago Peg decided to change direction in her life a take a break from her job in the financial services industry. She gave up the commute into NYC and was able to stay home with her daughter, Quinn, as a toddler. Quinn is now entering 5th grade. A year or so ago , Peg decided that it was time to pursue some new interests She began taking Jazzercise and enjoyed it so much she became an instructor. Being active has always been important. She was a competitive gymnast and Irish dancer throughout her childhood and into college. In addition to Jazzercise, Peggy also loves to play tennis and ski. She’s been married to her husband Tim for 14 years. She loves to spend time with her family and one of her favorite things to do is take Quinn into NYC to enjoy a Broadway play.

Mindy Montgomery Associate

Mindy’s first Jazzercise class was a 5:45am Step class in October 2004. She was amazed at the amount of energy she had that day after the awesome workout, and she has been a devoted Jazzerciser ever since. In the spring of 2008, she decided to take the plunge to become an instructor. Jazzercise is Mindy’s way of relieving stress while staying in shape, and it gives her great joy to do the same for others. The format is perfect for Mindy, who used to dance when she was younger and was a member of her high school’s drill team.

Mindy is originally from Southlake, TX, and moved to Connecticut in June 2007 as a result of a job transfer with her company, Deloitte & Touche, LLP. She is currently working in Deloitte’s National Office in Wilton, CT.

Michelle Migliaccio Instructor

Michele has been doing Jazzercise for almost two years now; her mom introduced her to it. She was a little apprehensive at first, but she was instantly hooked! She has taken dance classes most of her life, starting at age three. Jazzercise class is so much fun and the best way to workout. Great music, great people, and fun dance moves. She loves all the instructors, and they were so inspiring to her that she decided to teach too! She was certified in July 08 with Becky. She is currently a junior at Central Connecticut State University, where she is now majoring in marketing with a minor in art. When she’s home on some weekends, (to visit mom and usually do some babysitting), she makes sure she gets a few good workouts in at Jazzercise. It’s such a great way to get energized and she always feels better after class. She just can’t get enough!