At each class our goal is that you leave feeling EVEN better than you did when came in.

These are the values which we strive to demonstrate:

Integrity – Demonstrate honesty and compassion while keeping to our ideals and agreements. Take care of one another. Be accountable for our choices and for our mistakes.

Respect – Honor oneself and others through our words and actions. Treat every person with dignity and courtesy.

Inspiration – Search for ways to inspire and to be inspired. Generate and share enthusiasm.

Excellence – Give our best to all tasks and relationships. Pay attention to the quality of all that we do.

Education – Educate our customers and ourselves. Adopt an attitude of continuous learning.

Fun/Play – Bring joy and a sense of humor to those we interact with each day. Not take ourselves too seriously. 

Creativity – Dare to be original and try something new.

Health – Promote healthy, balanced living